Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Biostar iDEQ 200V and Fedora Core 1

I recently purchased a Biostar iDEQ 200V from newegg, and i love it. I bought it for the express purpose of having a small-form-factor linux box; and I chose fedora core 1, mainly because I have been using red hat related products since red hat 5.2 (my fisrt distro was caldera 1.3, oh how times have changed). Set up was pain free, as most distros are nowa days. I didn't try to use the onboard video card although Via does provide drivers for the km400 chipset. Instead I used my newly freed up radeon 7500 (thank you 9800 pro) as the video card. One note about drivers the sound card was detected as a Via 8233, but Biostar says that it is a C-Media 9739/A. Either way it worked just fine the way Fedora autodetected it. The network card also worked right out of the box and was autodetected as a Via Rhine-II card. The only problem I have had is getting 3d hardware acceleration to work, and since I am planning on taking this rig to Quakecon this year I'm gonna need hardware aceleration. My roomate found this helpful how-to for upgrading Fedora Core 1 to 2.6.x on Linux Electrons; I don't know if your in to that or not.

Update 4/3/05: