Monday, April 11, 2005

An open letter to baseball video games

Dear EA Sports, 989sports, 2kSports, et al:

I love baseball video games, from basesloaded to mlb 2k5, but today's games have so many gimmicks that it is nearly impossible to just play the games. The gimmicks that make the games unplayable are almost always batting gimmicks; I'm sure that they are there to make the experience more "real", but if I was able to hit a Roger Clemens fastball I wouldn't need to buy your games because I would be playing baseball professionally. The one thing I feel your games need is a batting practice mode; not only could this make it easier to learn the batting gimmicks that are inevitable, but it could also make the game more fun. There could be different scenarios in this mythical bp mode in which you have to accomplish a certain goal, i.e. hit 10 curve balls in a row or hit the bull over the right field bleachers and win a steak. In the end a batting practice mode would allow the player/customer to learn whatever crazy gimmicks yall have added into your latest games, and therefore make the replay value higher because no one likes striking out.

Thank You