Thursday, August 23, 2018

Fictional IT Fuck-ups: Alien: Covenant

Here I was thinking the Empire's IT department was the worst, then I saw a show called Alien: Covenant. There was only one fuck-up but boy howdy was it a doozy. If knowledge is power Wayland's IT department is in desperate need of some fresh double a's.

The sin in question is the fact that David's Weyland account is still active after 10 years of him being missing. They should should have hit his account with a digital brillo pad after a couple of weeks. Instead David just waltzes onto the good ship Covenant, starts ordering the computer around and the ship accepts his commands.

"But muh voice recognition" I hear you saying. The fact that the these mass produced androids can perfectly mimic each other is all the more reason to not use any form of biometric security on your ships. If anything the androids should have the lowest system privileges, opening up the crew's stasis pods and performing experimental surgeries is right out.