Saturday, July 30, 2005

If Only All Hippies Were Like Willie Nelson

If all hippies were like Willie Nelson, I wouldn't have to deep six the state of California when I become president. What I mean is that your average hippie places himself on a pedestal of self righteousness and does nothing to further the inane causes that his over active sense of guilt forces him to believe in. That brings us to Willie, who is not a traditional hippie. All Willie Nelson does is support and work for causes he believes in, Farm Aid anyone. Well Willie is at it again, this time with a great technology called bio-diesel. Willie Nelson has lent his name and likeness to Bio Willie Diesel a commercial bio-diesel product available to the public. Basically bio-diesel is vegetable oil mixed with some chemicals to break down the natural viscosity and thus rendering it useful as a fuel.

According to

Bio-diesel fuel
can be used in trucks and cars with diesel engines
Bio-diesel fuel
costs less and gives better mileage!
Bio-diesel fuel
is a fully renewable energy resource
Bio-diesel fuel
is grown by American Family Farmers!
Bio-diesel fuel
is biodegradable and has low toxicity!
For this reason and for just being a general kickass guy, I present the "Best Texan Since William B. Travis" award to Willie Nelson.

Friday, July 08, 2005

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