Sunday, January 13, 2008

California To Citizens: All Your Thermostats Are Belong To Us!

A while back I made this new flag for California as a joke, but the people of the golden state are bound and determined to make me into a prophet. First they passed some ass backwards electricity deregulation that forbade the company that sold the electricity to generate the electricity, which led to the oh so famous rolling blackouts. Now these jokers are trying to take control of people's thermostats; tacitly castrating the male population of California. Ever since the invention of air conditioning it has been the man's job to control the thermostat in his home with an iron fist and a steel will against mother and children who would heedlessly alter the perfection of the home environment.

If you live in California and want the testicles of your state to remain in their respective scrotum's tell Ivan nyet!

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