Thursday, January 01, 2009

Vista fixes 08

I finally upgraded to vista a few weeks back and here are some helpful things I found.

By default vista didn't want to accept that my monitor could do 1280x1024@60Hz and some googling led to this post on the hardforums, unfortunately the fix is specific to nvidia.

I also had to move my router downstairs (cheapest way to get brother's xbox online) and use a wireless adapter on my main computer. needless to say this led to some serious lag spikes in videogames. The problem has been around since xp and the solution was to disable the wireless zeroconf service; the vista service is called wlan autoconfig which works. I also noticed people mentioning a program called vista anti lag written by some german guy whose site is down, I did find it on some german freeware site I never heard of though and it seems to work well. To get the program to work you have to disable your wireless card, then start the program, and then enable the wireless card.

On a completely different note I was watching Necessary Roughness on the tv and I noticed something funny. In the movie the football team of the, at the time fictional, Texas state plays their first game against Southwest; which through the hilarious vagaries of time is now known as Texas State.

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