Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pizzas Pizzas

I love pizza. How can anyone not love pizza; it's one of the few foods that can contain the entire food triangle in one serving. Even the whiniest hipster who hates everything not from the mystical ancient Asian continent, did you know that like Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War like a thousand years before Jesus never lived, likes pizza. Cats love pizza; dogs love pizza, on this there is no dispute. Pizza resides in it's own aisle in most grocery stores, that aren't the ghetto HEB. This brings me to my point. What the hell does Manfred von Richthofen know about making pizzas? I know the Italians and Germans palled around a couple of times, but are we so hard up for pizza makers that we must rely on Prussian nobility to adequately supply us with pizza. What's next Genghis Kahn's authentic Texas Chili?

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