Saturday, March 20, 2010

The League: Byzantium

What is wrong with these NFL owners? When I read the proposed overtime rules change I was sure I had seen something like this before. The game can only be won in overtime under certain conditions. Where have you heard of a system that works, but is overly complicated and useless. That's right it was the Ptolemaic system of astronomy. This is how I read the new overtime rules when I saw them on Sportscenter; "In order to win the Olympian war god will be in retrograde, while the in field fly rule compels an as yet to be determined linebacker to snot bubble the quarterback, but only if the line of scrimmage is being defended outside of the purple zone."

Here is a crazy idea. In the regular season there is no overtime, as has often been said by players if you can't beat the other team in sixty minutes you don't deserve to win. In the playoffs you keep playing fifteen minute periods until one team wins or forfeits.

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