Friday, May 27, 2011

On Jose Guerena

First and foremost let me say that I do not know anyone involved in this mess and am just observing from the sidelines like most everyone else.

here is video from the incident

At least they knocked, but I can't hear any shots before the swat starts shooting and there is no explanation why paramedics were not allowed to treat the victim. At one point they talk about not going back in because he may still be a threat; well excuse the hell out of me but is it not your fucking job to confront threats? If he was still a threat they could have shot him 60 more times and if he wasn't a threat they could have sent in the paramedics.

Is it not horribly ironic that while in Iraq the victim would have been thrown in prison for shooting an Iraqi that said "I've got something for you" yet back home he is shot 60 times and denied medical treatment for allegedly uttering the same thing?

I understand what they did and it was probably legally defensible, but i'm saying it was morally wrong to leave him in there. If it meant putting themselves or the other occupants in danger to finish clearing the house they should have done it. imo it is their job to put their lives in danger to serve the public and they clearly have no problem putting civilian lives in danger.

the shooting isn't what bothers me, I understand mistakes happen, to me its what happened after that bothers me. any amount of time spent not doing what is necessary to get help to that guy, and to me waiting 30 minutes for a robot falls in this category, is morally unjustifiable.

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