Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Solus 4 July Steam update

I recently got fed up with Windows and decided to go with Linux on my main computer for the first time in over a decade.  I have been using Solus on my old chromebook for a year or so, and that is what I went with on my desktop.  Everything just worked on my desktop as it had on my chromebook.  I installed steam and it worked fine.  That is until this morning, the window for a steam update popped up and I clicked "restart steam."  Steam restarted and I was presented with "Failed to load"

I had run into a similar problem many years ago and it was a huge hassle to get it fixed.  I started googling the error and I was not feeling better.  Then I added solus to the search and found this reddit post.  I hadn't opened the Linux Steam Integration program before because Steam had just worked, but I turned off native runtime as suggested.  Steam started up normally loaded the new update and was working as before.

P.S. How awesome is proton? The last time I had Linux as my main OS I had to run two versions of steam, the native linux one and the windows one through cedega. I may never go back to windows again on my personal computer.

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