Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Of Buddies and Their Lists'

I just read a fairly asinine forum post by some jackass trying to validate his nerdy existence by boasting about the size of his buddylist. I choose to go the other way, I choose to validate my nerdy existence by treating my buddylist like the most exclusive club on the internet. Not even my parents are on my buddylist, of course they don't have screen names, but that's beside the point. My buddylist comprises about .000000383% of the earth's population, in contrast the average AOL user's buddylist contains roughly 50% of the population. If you have received the great honor of being on my buddylist then you are beyond the mere riff-raff that loiter around other peoples' buddylists. I wonder what the poor people are doing tonight; hold on I'll go and look out my window.

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